Is cryptocurrency the future of money?

What will the future of money look like? Imagine going into a restaurant and looking at the digital menu on the combined menu in your favorite combination. Alone, instead of being priced at $ 8.99, it appears as 009 BTC. Can crypto really be the future of money? The answer to this question is based […]

6 The enormous advantages of cryptocurrency

In recent years people have talked a lot about cryptocurrency. At first, this business seemed scary but people started to build trust. You may be familiar with Ether and Bitcoin. Both are crypto currencies and use Blockchain technology for the highest possible security. Today, these currencies are available in many different types. Let’s find out […]

Double your nest egg with gold miners

Diversify or die. I think it’s a mention of HG Wells. Okay, okay, I know it’s really “adjusted or killed”. But if HG Wells were to manage the investment rather than the words, that bet would fit that budget into my version. In fact, you’ve probably heard that golden nugget of investment wisdom before. It […]

How to make your own cryptocurrency in 4 easy steps

Okay, so this cryptocurrency, that bitcoin! Suffice it to say that there has been so much mediocre boom around virtual currencies that the internet has overloaded information on how to make more money by investing in those currencies. But have you ever wondered how nice it would be if you could create your own cryptocurrency? […]

What is Bitcoin and why do people care?

Bitcoin is a new type of capital or currency. It resembles the US dollar, euro, or peso, except that it is not controlled by a single company or government. Instead of Bitcoin being manipulated by a single body, bitcoin is a decentralized currency between peers, which means it lives on the computer of everyone who […]

A brief history of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the world’s leading cryptocurrency. It is a peer-to-peer currency and transaction system based on a decentralized public library based on consensus called a blockchain that records all transactions. Now bitcoin was predicted in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, but it was the result of decades of research in cryptography and the blockchain, and not […]

Bitcoin: What is it and is it right for your business?

Okay, what is Bitcoin? It’s not a real coin, it’s a “cryptocurrency”, a digital form of payment that is produced (“ripped”) by many people around the world. It allows peer-to-peer transactions instantly, worldwide, for free or at very low cost. After decades of research on cryptocurrency, it was invented by software developer Satoshi Nakamoto (who […]

Should big real estate sellers accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is hot. So should wholesale property investors make efforts to accept bitcoins or is there another major gap to be avoided? There seems to be a growing uproar about bitcoins, as is the tremendous value of virtual currency. So what are the pros and cons of large stores trading in this digital currency? Is […]

Cryptocurrencies and tax challenges

Cryptoconferencing has been around lately because tax authorities believe it can be used to launder money and avoid taxes. The Supreme Court also appointed a Special Investigation Group on Black Money to recommend trading in that currency. Although China reported banning the largest Bitcoin trading operators, countries like the US and Canada have laws restricting […]