A Trip to Fort Lauderdale

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A Trip to Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is littered with families and is a great spot for a family break. Family venues are everywhere in Fort Lauderdale, it has lots of canal-side restaurants with menus for kids and plenty of beach front resorts that cater to families. The resorts have kids’ clubs, playgrounds, children’s pools and other family and kids orientated amenities.

You might think that choosing a hotel in Fort Lauderdale is difficult but with the amount of resorts on hand it isn’t hard at all; it just depends on the time of year and your budget.

If your resort isn’t located right on the beach there is probably one within walking distance. And at lunch time when it starts to get too hot you might want to head back and visit the Fort Lauderdale Arts and Entertainment center. If you have older kids or even non at all then a stroll around Las Olas Blvd might be just the break you need from the beach or maybe a River walk could be just what you are looking for especially if you love to shop! There’s an overnight camp as well if Mom and Dad need some alone time, with “Beach Hotel Camp Sleepovers.”

A stop for lunch at Fisherman’s Wharf restaurant in Pompano Beach is a great place to just sit and watch the world go by, the food is great and the staff are friendly, it is situated on one of the longest fishing piers on the east coast.

If you are a couple then Fort Lauderdale is fantastic with lots of things to do. There are romantic restaurants, sports venues, shopping, boating and lots of little take-out restaurants if that’s your thing.

There are lots of resorts located near a beach front and what better way to while the hours away than to get out there and soak up some sun; if you’re staying inland there is still no excuse not to enjoy the sun either, a beach is usually just a short walk away but most of the inland resorts still have a pool area.

Between June and September on Friday evenings there are free musical concerts held at Holiday Park; if it’s the second or fourth Friday, the Hollywood Beach Boardwalk hold a free outdoor concert. A great way to end your romantic evening is with a carriage ride around Old Fort Lauderdale. The Royal Horse Drawn carriages are reasonably priced and is a fantastic way to see the area.

If you want to visit Las Olas and visit the riverfront and canals then you can park in the Arts and Entertainment Parking Garage and take the free trolley down Las Olas. Then walk down the riverfront to the Old Fort Lauderdale Village and Museum, located at the site of the city’s first hotel.

Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic place to visit and a great vacation spot. Getting around can be a pain but with a little forward thinking you can get around the area with ease.

Fort Lauderdale Rental Cars is the easy way to get around Fort Lauderdale and a good guide to Florida in general can be found at the Florida Guides

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